Comm-IT completed a development project for Pcysys

Comm-IT, a leading advanced software development services company in Israel, completed a development project for Pcysys.

Pcysys provides innovative technology for Automated Penetration Testing and for examination of the efficiency of an organization’s defense systems. The company’s solution, based on sophisticated software and algorithms, simulates a “virtual hacker” by trying to break into the organization’s systems without compromising the safety of the information, and then identifies flaws in the system’s resilience and provides insights. The company’s solution enables organizations to correct faults in a timely manner and improve their security system.

As part of the project, Comm-IT integrated into the Pcysys development array and provided teams with multidisciplinary expertise, including cyber experts, front-end and backend development experts, according to emerging company needs. The project was carried out in the unique Flexible R&D model of Comm-IT, which provides complete flexibility in determining the mix and number of experts throughout the development project, allowing complete control of both budget and timetables.

“Pcysys built a smart solution that provides a broad and accurate view of an organization’s information security situation, 24-hours a day, all with a single click,” said Eric Lieberson, Pcysys founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Our goal is to enable organizations to be fully transparent about their systems’ protection status and to prepare properly before the next attempted attack. What Comm-IT brought to the development table was a cross-systems and multi-disciplinary vision that opened new avenues for us and enabled us to manage the development project in a flexible manner while maintaining tight budget control.”

Alex Snitkovsky, CEO of Comm-IT Software, said: “Development projects are highly volatile. That is why Comm-IT enables, by utilizing the Flexible R&D model, modification and streamlining of expertise according to actual needs. By providing leading experts throughout a development project, both in regard to fields and head count, you can achieve both excellent budget control and unmatched time management. This model enables you to manage risks optimally and to channel resources for marketing, sales and market penetration. We were delighted to be part of the exciting Pcysys development project and to provide them with the necessary service to execute their vision.”


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