In constantly changing environments in technology and economy, organizations need to know how to adapt their size, scope and focus.

Comm-IT’s unique Flexible R&D service can handle all tasks from innovation to execution, allowing R&D investments to be scaled up and down as needs evolve.


Combining flexibility with commitment
Our Flexible R&D service is suitable for organizations of every kind; from start-ups requiring the early development of an application or a device, to somewhat larger, more established enterprises, vendors or system houses who need our team to take full responsibility for the development of their systems and products.

The Flexible R&D service is unique in that it gives you the feeling of in-house R&D without any of the restrictions or limitations, as it constantly adjusts to fit the size and scope of your needs. You can scale your workforce up or down in a matter of days!

We have the ability to draw on our pool of resources, comprising hundreds of highly trained, skilled, educated and flexible engineering firepower, enabling us to form a team who will create a tailor-made and cost-effective solution to answer all of your unique needs.


Fully controlled budget

Fit your R&D costs to exact R&D use. In times of new product version releases, the R&D team will be working at full capacity; whereas in between releases, and during investment rounds, and testing periods, it will be scaled back to the basic minimum.

Fast time to market

When deliveries need to be sped up and critical deadlines are looming, our domain experts are prepared and ready to be brought in – at any stage of a project.

Minimum risks

You don’t need to take all the chances. We’ve got your back! With our proven delivery record you can be sure of our technical ability to perform any challenging project, and bring it in on time.

Focus on what really Matters

Exclusively focus on developing your vision, strategy, IP, core sector technology and growing your business while we handle your R&D implementation activities.

Innovation delivered

Uniting our in-house experts with niche-market specialists, from such prestigious centers of academia as the Technion, combined with Israel’s proven “Startup Nation” abilities enables us to come up with truly creative ideas, methods and technology that you require to meet your challenges.

Totally integrated

We deliver unique, tailor-made and personalized solutions, customized to fit you and only you. The end product is a totally integrated solution, beginning with the application layer as well as the required supporting infrastructure; whether it be IT or communication for systems, or embedded for devices.